Learn the ins and outs of BEING an event planner...
and get your first two paying clients so you can
turn your event passion into your profession.

Let me guess: you love planning events, 
and you find it thrilling and exciting. Maybe, 
you're even the life of the party?!

And I don't just mean you’re FUN (though 
OBVIOUSLY, you’re fun. And attractive. 
And super intelligent. You're HERE, aren't 

What I mean is, you’re not one’re A LOT of things (to a lot of 
Let me guess: you’re the life of the party, 
And you wear many hats.

And I don'tjust mean you’re FUN (though 
OBVIOUSLY, yo’re fun. And attractive. 
And super intelligent. You're HERE, aren't 

What I mean is, you’re not one’re A LOT of things (to a lot of 
You’re the person who wants 
to stop DREAMING about being 
an event planner, and 
ALSO….well, actually BE ONE.
Building a career in this industry 
can be rough, right? There’s a lot on the plate of 
an up-and-coming event planner, and it can be 
downright overwhelming. 

Finding quality clients, figuring out what to 
charge for your services, navigating the ins and 
outs of a pretty complicated career, not to 
mention--oh yeah--THE ACTUAL PLANNING OF 

You feel like you’re just scratching the surface of 
what you’re capable of (your abilities go deep, 
baby) you’re at your wit’s end to figure it out on 
your own (you’re a frickin’ genius, but you can 
only do so much!) and you’re dying to learn the 
skills to do MORE.
How many of these situations 
sound familiar? 

You’ve been events for a while, but 
STILL feel a bit inexperienced
when it comes to ALL the 
nitty-gritty details of the industry.

You get PRAISED for your events, 
but when someone asks you what 
you charge...your palms get 
sweaty and your mind goes blank.

You want to take the leap into part- or
full-time event planning but are terrified about leaving the security of your current job.

You’ve been struggling to grow your event career for awhile, and haven’t found the right community and support to encourage you on your path.

You’d love to be your own boss one 
day, but don’t QUITE feel confident 
enough in YOUR skills to delegate 
tasks to OTHERS.

Listen, SO many amazing event planners spend YEARS struggling to move 
forward in their careers. Why? (WHY GOD? WHYYYYY?)

Because they don’t have the confidence, the knowledge, and the skills, to 
turn their event passion into a profession. So they waste TONS of time dreaming 
about becoming an independent event planner, instead of doing the RIGHT 
work to get there. 

Oof. Gut punch. Is this you? 
Well stop dreaming and start DOING, my friend…
Because with the right work you CAN turn event 
planning into a bona fide career. 

And I’m going to show you how. 
Hi! I’m Melanie Woodward--CEO and head 
planner extraordinaire at Event Planning 
Blueprint, and I’ve built my business around 
helping up-and-coming event planners just like 
you achieve the success they’ve been wanting 
in your career.
Believe me: When I first started out in event 
planning, I swept the “C” word under the rug. I 
thought it was too unrealistic that I could make a 
career out of this thing that I found so enjoyable!

But, like you, I had dreams of professionally 
planning events. I wanted to do work I was 
excited about, that gave me joy and made me 
want to jump out of bed. I wanted to plan events 
for amazing clients I loved, while still having time 
for my family and friends. I wanted to work 
towards a new career, while STILL having some 
semblance of security. Basically, I wanted to have 
it all!

And I had NO idea how to make that happen.

After a LOT of trial and error (more trial than 
error, thankfully!) I learned ALL the tricks to 
create an event career I love, and a lifestyle that 
inspires me everyday. I enjoy getting to plan 
events for high-profile celebrities, huge national 
organizations, and dear friends alike, but mostly, I 
am BEYOND honored to help other 
up-and-coming event planners learn the skills 
they need to build exciting, lasting careers. 
(Without all the struggle and stress!) 

Believe me, becoming an independent event 
planner CAN be done. Let me show you how.
It’s time to respond to the joy of event planning, 
embrace abilities you never knew you had, jump 
into your curiosity and passion, and start your 
Imagine bypassing the mind-boggling gauntlet of being a 
new (or relatively new) event planner and going STRAIGHT 
through the maze to all the juicy, time-tested information 
so that you can be a successful event planner.  

(Did you imagine it? It looks nice, right?) 

How to Be an Event Planner is a 19-video (4-module) training program designed to give you ALL the guidance, skills, tips, and tricks to turn your event hobby into a part- or full-time career--WITHOUT the dreaded “wheel spinning” of figuring it out on your own.  
At the end of this course 
you will be able to:
     Know EXACTLY what an event planner should 
             be paid--because you KNOW the industry standards to 
             ask for.
     Create a growing roster of current and 
             potential clients, by using tried-and-true 
             communication skills.
     Embrace your self-worth as an independent 
             event planner--NOT just as a part-time 
     Gain a steadily growing, super positive 
              word-of-mouth reputation--one that gives you more 
              paid opportunities!  
When you enroll in How To 
Be An Event Planner, you’ll 
     The FULL How To Be An Event Planner 
              course, including access to 4- Modules -  
              complete with 19 training videos, checklists,  
              exercises, and helpful resources. [$2000 value] 
     Access to the closed-door, monthly LIVE 
             Q&A calls where you’ll gain insight and 
             inspiration from a friendly group of 
             like-minded event planners, and ask any 
            questions you might have about each 
            module. [$1200 value] 
     A 3-part video training on How To Attract 
             Media and Meet Influential People, to help 
             you meet the right people so it’s easier to sell 
             or your event services and get publicity for your  event. 
             [$500 value] 
     100% Guarantee because we believe so strongly in 
              How to Be an Event Planner that we're offering a 
              14-day guarantee. [Feeling confident is PRICELESS!]
     Lifetime access to ALL of future 
             additions to the course, so your investment 
             keeps improving over time! [INFINITE value]
O. M. G. 
$2370+ VALUE!
Yup! It’s for real. And you can get 
started RIGHT AWAY! 
"This program is full of valuable 
information and offered me the 
information and mentorship I’d 
been looking for."
Michaela S.
   Florida, US

“I received so much useful 
information that I can use to plan 
my events. I don’t regret spending 
the money at all!”
Nina K.
Ljubljana, Slovenia

This course is right up YOUR alley if…

You want to take the leap into part- or
full-time event planning but
haven’t found the right training 
needed to make the jump.

You’ve dreamed about getting into 
event planning since you were a little 
kid (hello birthday parties), and are ready 
to learn how to actually be an event planner.

You want to plan events for your 
company or organization that has your boss saying, "Great Job!"

You’ve been planning events and
are just DYING to pump some new life, experience, and skills into your career 
to jump to the next level.

You’ve considered transitioning 
out of your current job and want 
to dip your toe into a new and 
exciting career (WITHOUT giving 
up your 401k, yet).

Want more juicy details about the entire course? 
Read on! 
Perfecting Your Plan
What’s an expertly-planned event without an 
amazingly organized To-Do list? In this module, 
you'll learn how to structure ALL the preliminary 
event-planning factors (from client interaction to 
budget to executive tools), including:

     Understanding the importance of your event objective 
           (it’s easier to hit the target with a 
           bulls-eye, right?), and developing it like a PRO 
           for maximum clarity and direction.  
     Preparing and managing your event budget like 
           a money master, and embracing the magical 
           organization of a work back schedule.
     Identifying your ideal client. Who do you want 
           to work with? Why? How is that important to 
           your success? (Hint: IT IS).  
     Gaining the confidence to talk to your client 
           about “the B word”--budget. Learn to ask not 
           for what you “need,” but to ask for what you’re 
           WORTH. (‘Cause, you are worth it).  
Essential Steps for a 
Successful Event
In these lessons, you'll learn how to utilize ALL the tried-and-true “Become an Event Planner” tools 
you’ll need to plan a seamless, sensational 
event--EVERY TIME. At the end of this module, you’ll 
be able to…
     Choose the PERFECT venue for your event, 
           because you’re expertly versed on zoning, 
           capacity, client needs, and any other factors that 
           help you find the optimal venue match for your 
     Feel completely capable working with vendors, 
           coordinating food and beverage, booking 
           speakers, and organizing transportation. Learn 
           how to build and sustain relationships with these 
           companies--and even gain referrals in the 
     Be stress-free about the numbers. This module 
           will teach you a structure for prioritizing venue 
           size, food and beverage purchases, and MORE. 
           (So the only excess will be the excess of a good 
           time people have!)  
     Maintain a safe and secure event, from start to 
     Gain the skills to manage any issue thrown your 
           way, from handling cultural sensitivities to 
           diffusing potentially disruptive situations.  
Maximizing Your 
They say the proof is in the pudding, and WE say 
the profit is in the progress. This module will 
teach you EVERYTHING you need to know 
about managing your money. In Module 3 you’ll get 
the financial fine-tuning you need and learn how to…
     Avoid the dreaded “scope creep” by setting 
           concrete boundaries, communicating clearly 
           with your clients, and committing to (and 
           sticking to) the exact time allotment you 
           agree on.  
     Succinctly explain ROI (Return on 
          Investment) to your clients, so they 
          understand your value (it’s about more than just money). 
     Find and manage other revenue streams, so 
         you can continue to build your event 
     Learn the fine-art of a bulletproof budget.. 
     Get advice on managing overhead like a 
Promoting Your 
If you want to turn your side-hustle into a part- or full-time career, you’re going to need to learn how to communicate your skills! 
In this module, you'll learn how to gain new clients, and spread the word about your event planning (in a classy, effective way) by learning to…
     Decide which event type is right for you 
           (fundraisers, social, corporate events, or weddings) so you can 
           get specific about marketing to your niche client.
     Promote your events in a way that makes your 
            clients absolutely LOVE you...AND brings in the 
            referrals and word-of-mouth advertising as well.
     Understand the difference between in-house and 
            out of house event management (and why that's important).
     Work through your marketing mental blocks, so 
            you can sell your services in a way that is confident, 
            clear, and effective. (But NOT too “pushy!”)
     Preemptively handle any client objections that have 
            stopped you from getting hired in the past.
Forms. Checklist & 
We all know learning only goes so far...and then 
comes the DOING. Because my team and I want 
you to have access to ALL the tools you need to 
absolutely MASTER your next event and improve 
your confidence, we also offer super tangible 
resources to organize your events. And I’m not 
just talking confidence and communication skills. 
I’m talking, about…
     A comprehensive library of the same forms I 
            use as an event planner, so you can book events 
            with ease and set proper expectations with your clients.
     Complete event planning and vendor 
           negotiation checklists, to ensure every event is 
           executed flawlessly and no detail gets left 
     PLUS: Recommended website themes and 
           marketing service providers, to help you build a 
           professional looking brand that connects with 
           your clients. 
     Email and phone scripts, so you can leave 
           communication anxiety in the past and have 
           easy, personable conversations with your 
           clients AND vendors.
“Forbes and Huffington Post recently named event
 planning as one of the 5th most stressful jobs in the
 world. Event Planning Blueprint is working to take it
 down to the bottom of the list. Event Planning
 Blueprint is an awesome resource for anyone who
 wants to get into event planning.”
Will Curran
Endless Entertainment
But waaaaaaaait a second. 
There’s more! When you sign up 
today and you also get access to...

BONUS # 1:
Private, Members Only 
Monthly Q&A Calls
Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the 
5 people you spend the most time with.” THIS is your 
opportunity to be around the BEST. There is 
something so powerful about learning something 
new with the support, encouragement, and energy 
of event planners who are learning alongside you. 
Our interactive monthly webinars will be a 
super-specialized time for you to... 
     Gain camaraderie and connection with a group of like-
           minded, driven, powerful people who are pursuing the 
           exact same path as you.
     Grow your network and support system by sharing 
           your ideas, insights, inspiration, and challenges 
           along the way.
     Get expert advice from the Event Planning Blueprint 
           Team, as well as troubleshooting with your fellow peers 
            in the program.
     Be inspired by fellow event planners who are 
           EMBRACING their passion and building their careers 
           (Just like you, you sexy thing!)
     Ask all of your burning questions, so you can have 
           complete clarity about every aspect of the course.
BONUS # 2:
How to Attract Media to Your 
Events & Meet Influential People 
(3- Part Video Training)
I get it: gaining momentum and getting clients
can be hard! But it doesn’t have to be. 
Meeting the right people and attracting media to 
your events is a HUGE factor in your future success. 
This 3-part video training will teach you ALL you 
need to know about drawing in attention (the GOOD 
kind) like moths to a flame, so you can…
     Build credibility and buzz around your 
           events--WITHOUT breaking the bank.
     Gain influence, expand your network, and be seen as an 
           absolute EXPERT in the event industry.
     Never stress about promotional media again! (Can 
           you say “Free publicity?”)
     Grow strong, healthy relationships with the “right” 
           people who will support you and your events -- and 
           love doing it!
     Cultivate your reputation as a capable, professional, 
           and kick-ass event planner who should be at the top of 
           ANY client’s list.
the extensive training, the 19-videos, the worksheets, the forms, the 
checklists, the accountability, the mentorship, AND the bonus VIP 
monthly Q&A calls and 3-part video training: How to Attract Media to Your Events are ALL INCLUDED plus it's all RISK-FREE…  
Valued at OVER $2300,
now for 
$97 to start.
We have complete confidence that if you implement the tactical, 
tried-and-true experience and knowledge available in this course, you can’t help but 
succeed! We believe so strongly in this that for the first 45 days from registration we’re offering a full-refund if you decide it’s not for you.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

A: We all know there are many stages of planning an event from start to finish. Likewise, there are SO many stages in the career of BEING an event planner! Whether you’re just starting out, have been dipping your toe in this career for a couple of years, want to slowly check out a different career option, or are ready 
to dive straight into event planning part- or full-time: How to Be an Event Planner is for you. I know this to be true because my team at Event Planning Blueprint have helped HUNDREDS of people grow their confidence, experience, and abilities 
when it comes to planning events. 

What if I’m too busy to complete the course?

A: Absolutely no problem! At Event Planning Blueprint our goal is to help you achieve maximum growth--at whatever level you are currently at. That’s why 
we offer our clients lifetime access to this course. Learn at your own pace, go 
back and review content when you need to--and even get VIP access to new 
videos and information as we add it!

When does the course start? And how do I access it? 

A: Right now. Today. This second. Just as soon as you’re ready! As soon as you 
sign up, you’ll get an email with directions to access ALL the goodies!

Is there a payment plan for this course?

A: You bet! We want anyone who wants this incredible training, knowledge and encouragement to HAVE IT, so we offer easily payment plan options. Learn about your payment options here.

“I’m more professional with my clients and I'm confident with my presentations.”
Koren H.
New York, NY, USA

"I was on the verge of giving up my dream, but as a result of How To Be An Event Planner I’m more self-confident and know it’s OK not to know everything as you get started.”
Sharon H.
Minnesota, USA

"Thanks for sharing your knowledge, thoughts, wisdom, and for being so real and fun!”
Marichelle C.
Toronto, Canada

Are you ready to start
 on YOUR event planning dream?
Still have questions about the program?
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